About Saina

Saina’s love for writing flourished as a young girl, who at the age of 8 years began writing her own life journals and creative pieces in hopes of one day reaching her dream – becoming an author. With a thirst for knowledge and an eye for style, Saina channelled her interests into skills by pursuing a degree in English with Media Cultures. After graduating in 2014 with a First-Class Honours, Saina took it upon herself to dedicate more time to her blog, sharing what excited her most – travel, beauty and fashion. Saina is a world explorer and a lover of life possessing an inimitable flair for the arts. She is a part time coffee enthusiast, but a full time cat whisperer. 

Today, Saina continues to pursue her dreams in London with her two cats Mamoosh & Lulu. Join her as she shares the things she loves on this global village that we like to call the Internet.


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