Friday, 17 February 2017

Current Wish List

Don't you always find yourself lusting over things and creating mental wish lists despite promising yourself that you're trying to save? Here, I have created a little (not so little price tag!) compilation of items that I have been absolutely lusting over, and somewhat drooling over online. 

Let's start with my personal favourite - the beautiful Gucci Dionysus bag (buy it here)
This bag has spiked in popularity recently, if you're a fashion addict you've definitely had a moment of desire for this bag! The Dionysus was introduced in the Fall/Winter 2015 collection and it has since blossomed in the fashion blogging world. Described as a 'structured top handle bag' this little beauty features a bold sliding silver chain and a centre buckle shaped as a tiger spur. For me, this metal design adds to its wearability! You can dress this item up or down and still look effortlessly chic.

Being a 'bootie' girl, I tend to wear ankle boots pretty much all year round! Seriously, you can find me in a little dress in the midst of London's Summer season, but I'd still pair my outfit with a pair of ankle boots and a fedora hat to add that little bit of edge. These Saint Laurent Babies 90 Suede Ankle Boots are gorgeous! They feature that gorgeous length that goes just above the ankles, which in my opinion, brings the illusion of extra length to your legs. (buy them here)

Now an exciting confession, I recently acquired my first pair Céline sunglasses (post pending) but as always this means that the flood gates of desire have opened and quite naturally, I want more. Oh a girl can dream! These Céline Audrey Sunglasses feature a beautiful grey toned tortoise shell which I think works quite nicely with the bold design - bringing it an element of softness once worn. (Buy them here)

I'm not really a watch kinda gal, in fact I can confirm that I have never really worn a watch more than a handful of times. I just feel my wrists are too small and anything looks too overpowering for arm candy. However, I have been recently lusting over rose gold, but also mesh metals! This Cluse watch might just be an exception! Gorgeous mesh watch from Cluse here 

I think it's fair to say I don't need any more lipsticks, especially no more nude coloured variations. However, I recently swatched a shade of Mac's Lipstensity colours and I loved the creamy texture. It definitely has more sheen to their normal range, however I would compare it to the 'Amplified' lipstick range - perhaps just slightly less opaque. Mac Liptensity here

What are you current want and needs?


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Byoo-tuh-fuhl: Currently on my face

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is a quick snippet into what my summertime beauty regimen has consisted of. As I'm sure my readers know by now, I tend to suffer with an extremely oily t-zone area on my face - and this is particularly annoying in the warmer months! I mean, there's gorgeous goddess does summertime glow then there's the non-practical greaseball. For all you combination-oily skin ladies, I know you understand the struggle of looking overly shiny! The key to getting a gorgeous, dewy glow? Keep the shine in check.

I've been wearing Chanel's Vita Lumiere Aqua on my skin, this skin base is great because it not only contains SPF 15 (one less stage in my beauty routine) but it's also a water based foundation, which believe-it-or-not is what oily skin is lacking! Dermatologists are always raving about dehydrated skin, and although consuming water is the best option for combating that, but by putting a water based product onto your skin, you can retain moisture beneath cells. A good mattifying powder is also crucial. So I've been reaching for Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish - a light dusting of this accross the forehead and nose does a great job. Remember: only powder the areas where you get particularly oily and this is usually the center of the face.

What about radiancy? Although dry skin gals tend to get away with highlighting better than those with oilier skin, strategic highlighting is still an option! I like to gently dab Mac's Lustre drops onto the high points of my face - the tops of my cheekbones, cupid’s bow and a tiny bit on the bridge of my nose. Remember: avoid areas that are overly textured such as skin blemishes or pimples, or have larger pores as highlighting only emphasizes this!

On my lips, I've been rocking the infamous Velvet Teddy pout. If there's one lipstick that made it big at the start of 2015 it was Mac's matte lip in Velvet Teddy - all thanks to someone's (overly) pouty pout, Kylie Jenner. Paired with Mac's 'Whirl' liner, this creates the illusion of plumper lips, and due to my medium-warm skintone this lipstick appears more as a taupy-nude on me.

What have been some of your summer time skin treats?


Friday, 3 July 2015

Pinstripe And Prada : OOTD

All black, even in the summertime - duh. Here's a recent outfit I put together for a very abrupt linner (lunch &/or dinner) and cocktails look. Pinstripe has been one of my favourite trends since A/W 14, and I'm still finding ways of incorporating it into my summer wardrobe.

Outfit Details 
Blazer: Vera Moda here
Tailored Trousers: Zara here
Leather Ankle boots: H&M here
Crop top: Topshop here
Handbag: Prada here


Sunday, 14 June 2015

What I've Been Wearing: Cropped Trousers

At a certain point in the fashion sphere, ankle grazers or 'swingers' were a big no-no - a sign of a wardrobe fail, or lack of attention to vital detailing. Today, we are increasingly seeing this trend grow bigger and better. A style favourite for both men and women, we've seen jeans being rolled up, tailored trousers becoming cropped and ankles becoming the new 'side boob'. Guys, liberate your lower legs because we're going ankle crazy!

Having picked up my Zara structured trousers, featuring the 'ankle grazer' fit, I just had to go pick up the grey and patterned pair. These trousers bring comfort to the world of 'chic', and are a great way to incorporate the intentional cropped look. Although they appear super structured, they actually have a slight stretch to them, allowing you to move freely and not have to worry about your tailored trousers creasing. This gorgeous pinstripe shirt is another sale item that I picked up from NewLook for £9, and the light airy material makes it the perfect summer piece.

So I have to admit I was having a super bad hair day, and as if I need any other excuse to reach for my fedora. I honestly have to stop myself from overdoing the hat look - I'm obsessed. The hat I'm wearing can be found here. My handbag is my Chanel 2.55 mm - people often ask me if this bag is 'worth it' because it's 'too small' - but it honestly fits all I really need for a simple day out. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm ditching the larger than life handbags. On my feet, I'm wearing my patent leather Office loafers - although this particular style is no longer available you can find similar shoes here. Finally, I've got my classic Ray Ban aviators on - I seriously go nowhere without these and I'm still dying for the green mirrored version!


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Shop The Trend: Cross Body Bags

Shop The Trend: Cross Body Bags

For my fashion savvy readers, you will be aware that despite the various styles of handbags from totes to clutches - there is one style that is taking the fashion world by storm. The functional and hands-free cross body bag. If you read my last post then you'll know that I too have had a fashion-reality check. I'm moving away from my larger-than-life handbags, and appreciating the slung across style trend. Essentially a satchel with the ease of a fanny pack, though they maintain the cuteness of arm candy. In my last post (titled 'The Perfect Everyday Bag) I gave you a sneak peak at my Michael Kors Jet-set Safiano travel Cross-body, and although I'm still in love with that bag, I've found a few other similar styles that I'm just dying to get my paws on!

To help you get your sling on, I've tallied up some of my favourite and super chic cross body bags of this season. Consider this the perfect time to start drafting your Summer '15 wish list! 
*Remember* To be stylish does not mean you have to spend £££ on one item, all your eyes need are little inspiration. High street stores have great alternatives to these high end beauties.

Tory burch crossbody
£315 -

Michael michael kors handbag


Kate spade crossbody
£175 -

Alexander Wang black handbag
£505 -

3 1 Phillip Lim leather bag

Happy Styling! 
Saina xo

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fedora & Duster: OOTD

Back to black. If you've read my last style post, you would have seen that I attempted my chances in an almost all-white outfit - shock horror, I know. But, I'm going to have to raise my hands up and admit in saying I feel the most comfortable when I'm dressed in all black outfit. It's just more 'me'. You've seen this ASOS duster many times before, and a year on yet I'm still obsessed with it. It's an outfit transforming item!

I hope you aren't getting tired of these fedora's, because I'm absolutely obsessed - they're not going anywhere anytime soon! Admittedly, I'm not the most head-wear savvy person and I often steer away from overly accessorizing. Though the fedora has become my favourite wardrobe item of the moment. Any time that I am unsure of an outfit, or want to look chic without looking like I've tried too hard, I throw on a fedora. They are both functional and outfit transforming - an absolute win win. This black fedora is from Miss Selfridge.

This ribbed khaki vest is from Zara - I picked these up in every colour they came in because they are an absolute Summer essential. The dipped hem makes them appear 'more than just a vest' and the material used for these tops is perfect - super soft, and they fall on the frame in a flattering manner. They also look like something Alexander Wang would do, at £15.99 it's a win-win. I've paired this top with my structured Zara trousers, which also seem to be glued to my legs as of recent. Though, you'll be glad to know I picked these trousers up in grey and white too!

I've forever been on the hunt for a less 'over the top' body chain, and when I stumbled upon this silver piece in the Topshop sale, I couldn't pass it by. At £4, I was willing to take a risk that I didn't have to regret later. I'm glad I picked it up, and if I never wear it again (which I'm sure I will) at least the urge has been satisfied! This is an incredibly dainty piece, which works perfectly for those, who like me, don't like to step out their comfort zone too much when it comes to accessorizing. Although this particular one is no longer available from Topshop, this ASOS offering is practically identical.
As always on errand running days, I keep minimal with my Michael Kors 'no faff' cross body bag, and for those asking, I've attached a River Island pompom chain to the strap. On my feet, I'm wearing a pair of patent black loafers that I bought from Office last year - although they have very similar styles here.

What are your thoughts on the duster and fedora trend?


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Perfect Everyday Bag

In the past, I was guilty of carrying a larger than average handbag containing a shopping list of (un)necessary items - from a spare toothbrush, to hairspray - you name it, I had it! Recently, I was introduced to the world of comfort and convenience. Hello ladies - there's really (really) no need to carry your whole life with you to the mall, and you certainly don't need all your toiletries and more just to go to work. Having received this little Michael Kors gem for my birthday only made me realise how much more suitable it is to my 'everyday needs' rather than the likes of massive totes and shoppers. Admittedly, this is a small bag, yes. Though realistically, it fits everything I need - sunglasses, purse, a couple of cosmetic items (lipstick & liner), chewing gum and my phone. I cannot begin to explain how much easier it is to rummage through sale racks, wonder through flea markets and enjoy days to the park without lugging around a bag that just *has* to sit on the crease of my arm.

I've had no issues in matching this bag to different outfits - in fact it's pretty much worked with everything I own in my wardrobe. So much so, that I've not reached for the likes of my Louis (Louis Vuitton Neverful MM) in months! Take what you will from this post, a short review of the Michael Kors Jet-Set Travel Safiano bag or perhaps the inspiration to ditch the larger than life bag trend. Don't get me wrong, I love my totes and shoppers, though this bag has grown to become my ideal everyday style addition.

Happy Styling!


Thursday, 28 May 2015

How to Make Your Wardrobe Work

Outfit planning, to me, sounds a little bit old school and reminds me of the old Sixth Form days where I’d panic over the freedom of not having to wear uniform. Failing that, it reminds me of my desperate attempts to quickly get an outfit together for a ‘night out’ after work. The reality of it is that, outfit planning rarely works – but if it’s done right it can make your life a hell of a lot easier. 

1)   Firstly I recommend a tidy workspace. Tidy your room to make it easier to look for that t-shirt you may have lying behind your bed, or that Pandora ring that’s fallen off the side of your bedside table. An organised room makes for a well-organised outfit! 
2)  Start with a more ‘important’ item, and go from there. Sometimes I buy a new scarf and I’m like ‘I want to wear this scarf today’ – that makes it much more difficult to base an outfit around as opposed to choosing a pair of shoes or trousers to plan an outfit around. I recommend starting with your bottoms. 
3)  Now it’s time to jazz up the basis of your outfit – find a top that is well suited to the weather and your trousers. Now that you have your top and bottoms sorted, you have found the main skeleton of your outfit. 
4)  The rest is basically accessories! Shoes, jewellery and jacket if needed. 
5)   Leave the smaller bits to last – scarves, hats, etc. 

       Hope this helps you organise your outfits with less faff and hassle. Remember: There are no real rules when it comes to           what you wear. As long as you feel comfortable &you feel great in what you wear, that’s all that matters! Happy styling.

      Saina xo

Monday, 25 May 2015

London Walks: OOTD

I recently managed to find a few bargains in the mid-season sale, so I wanted to show you one of my new favourite items - this gorgeous lilac-grey duster from New Look! I picked this piece up for £15, which is totally justifiable, as I was actually in the market for a similar style (there's only so much I can wear my ASOS duster right?)

The duster jacket trend has take the fashion world by storm, we've seen it repeatedly on celeb styling and on the catwalk. Thankfully, the fashion gods have answered our prayers, and made this sassy-chic style available but with high street price tags! I've seen the long-line blazers/duster jackets in almost every high street store I've been in from Zara to Primark. This style is totally doable and affordable. This is how I wore my new duster for a post-dinner evening stroll in London and it appears that I unintentionally went for the 'sport luxe' vibe in pairing my Nike trainers with my Chanel 2.5mm bag. Oddly enough it actually works (or so I think so!). The length, colour and double breasted lapel of the duster gives off that 'effortlessly chic' look that I love.

What are your thought's on the duster jacket trend - here to stay or time to move on?


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Today's Favourites

Sometimes you can really keep your outfits super minimal and just rely on the character of one or two items to do the fashion talking. Leather pointies with gold hardware paired with a Chanel Classic flap-bag just oozes fashuun, duh (insert sassy emoji here). I was lucky enough to get gifted the Chanel 2.55mm small classic bag from my family for graduating, and I'm surprised at just how much this bag is adaptable to different outfits. I wear this with baggy tees and ripped jeans one day, and then I match it with a gorgeous midi dress and heels the next. I'm not one for prints, or super crowded textures and patterns, therefore my style seems to fall under that 'monochrome & minimalistic' umbrella so I never have to justify a flashy bag or a pair of shoes.

I've mentioned these pointies a few times before, and that's because I'm genuinely in love with them. They look expensive, though I grabbed them for a mere £9.99 in the Zara sale! They're real leather, super sturdy and also surprisingly versatile. Although this particular shoe is no longer available, I listed my favourite high street styles on a previous post (here). One paired with a pair of ripped skinnies, a classic v-neck white t-shirt and the gorgeous Chanel bag, you have yourself a tamed, but uber stylish look.

Happy Styling!