Thursday, 21 May 2015

Today's Favourites

Sometimes you can really keep your outfits super minimal and just rely on the character of one or two items to do the fashion talking. Leather pointies with gold hardware paired with a Chanel Classic flap-bag just oozes fashuun, duh (insert sassy emoji here). I was lucky enough to get gifted the Chanel 2.55mm small classic bag from my family for graduating, and I'm surprised at just how much this bag is adaptable to different outfits. I wear this with baggy tees and ripped jeans one day, and then I match it with a gorgeous midi dress and heels the next. I'm not one for prints, or super crowded textures and patterns, therefore my style seems to fall under that 'monochrome & minimalistic' umbrella so I never have to justify a flashy bag or a pair of shoes.

I've mentioned these pointies a few times before, and that's because I'm genuinely in love with them. They look expensive, though I grabbed them for a mere £9.99 in the Zara sale! They're real leather, super sturdy and also surprisingly versatile. Although this particular shoe is no longer available, I listed my favourite high street styles on a previous post (here). One paired with a pair of ripped skinnies, a classic v-neck white t-shirt and the gorgeous Chanel bag, you have yourself a tamed, but uber stylish look.

Happy Styling!


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